Incentive Scheme

Are you looking to provide your employees interesting incentive scheme which costs very less but excites them

Increase Your Sales

Do you want to increase your sales by giving freebies which costs less but have high perceived value for customer.

Target Achievement

Do you want to run a seamless program for your retail partners and keep them motivated with fast deliveries on target achievement.

Mobile Application

Do you want to upgrade and use mobile application to shorten the process

We have been custom designing incentives wherein we have developed programs which are more exciting, more customers centric, offer wider choice and yet are spontaneous

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What We Do

At Corporate incentives we are passionate about improving people’s performance- about rewarding them for their efforts (employee incentives), recognizing their patronage (Customer loyalty) and building long term relationships (Channel programs) Contrary to popular belief incentive programs/loyalty programs are not just a one time replicable scheme but a complete user experience program. Corporate Incentive Solutions stands out in this space because we focus on each aspect of this experience- right from planning, building the creative’s, on-ground execution and managing the backend distribution and delivery. Creating and sustaining reward campaigns requires optimum utilization of resources- money, time and effort- and we understand that!

Employee Motivation Programs

60% 60% Complete

Customer Freebies

95% 95% Complete

Channel Partner Loyalty Programs

80% 80% Complete

Coordination App Development

100% 100% Complete

Our Story

At Corporate Incentive Solutions, we have been actively transforming and innovating new solutions for incentives and backing it up with our commitment to deliver. It’s been a journey of more than 15 years wherein we have learnt the art of GIFTING. Based out of the City Beautiful Chandigarh, we have been effectively running multi faceted, large scale programs across the country seamlessly. Our key focus has been to personalize and customize incentive gifting offerings to the requirements of the companies that we work with. These new concepts on a regular basis has ensured that our target audience sets have always looked forward to the new programs. Ranging from Employee Engagement programs to Customer Retention & Rewards schemes to Channel Appreciation programs, our teams have passionately worked to make each of these a success!

Our Team

Our Teams have passionately worked to make each of these a success!

Suman Negi

Uma Chilwal

Aksha Ansari

Shweta Raj

Shalini Batyal

Manpreet Worrell

Kamla Rana


Rajani Negi

Sakshi Bhateja

Priya Arora

Pooja Loona



Vandana Sharma


Khemkant Sharma

Sunil Kumar

Sonam Nagpal

Neetu Verma

We excel at

Innovative ideation

Thinking OUT OF THE BOX is easier said than done. Our past programs have been a testament of the kind of smart and effective ideas that we bring to the table. We pride in bringing innovative, well planned solutions suited to every need, backed by an assurance to deliver what we commit.

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Seamless Management

Execution of large scale incentive programs is a challenge – Easy to commit, difficult to deliver. We at Corporate Incentives are here with our robust protocols to guarantee that your commitments are Met.

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Well entrenched Teams

Our expert team works as an extension of your brand like a well-oiled machinery. Diverse and dynamic teams that come with years of experience make the entire program a winning one.

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Our Expertise

We believe that people perform better when motivated. Happy staff=Happy customer

Employee motivation and retention programs

  • When you think about it, the success of any facet of your business can almost always be traced back to motivated employees. Unfortunately, motivating people is far from an exact science. There's no secret formula, no set calculation, no work sheet to fill out.

Point of sale loyalty and recognition program

  • In a market scenario where Sale is the buzzword and customer loyalty moves with every percent price drop for a product, your channel partners are your most important ambassadors! And customer excitement and desire to know more about the product becomes the key focus for any business.

End User Incentive Schemes

  • While there’s no free dinner in this world but for the consumer to buy anything from a brand, an extra ‘free’ incentive can go a long way in influencing this decision. An additional reason for the customer to buy and talk about your product becomes absolutely necessary.

Mobile applications To simplify process

  • We are a non IT company but with the passage of growing years and needs of client companies we have started our in-house APP DEVELOPMENT . We have been developing need based app solutions which have effectively helped as an effective solution to a complex situation for our clients.

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